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online mattress companies

Most online mattress companies offer very easy and simple returns policies. But, we understand that sometimes a mattress does not meet your expectations, and we’re here to help. Just remember that buying a mattress online should not be complicated, you should be able to find great deals online if you visit the right places (check here).

Return a Mattress

If a mattress is defective, you can return it to your local mattress retailer. The retailer can either refund you the full purchase price, or give you a partial refund based on the price you paid for it. The retailer will be able to verify your mattress purchase from your account online. After you have returned your mattress, you’ll have two weeks from the date of return to receive a refund.

If you’d like to pick up your mattress at a mattress store, you can call the store that sold it to you. They can either let you pick it up directly from the store, or you can drop off the mattress at the nearest store that sells mattresses. You can ask your retailer for a copy of the warranty.

If you bought a new mattress, the retailer will also send you a new mattress.

For details on how to return your mattress, check out the mattress return form (PDF, 1.1MB). You will also need your receipt from when you bought your mattress. The receipt must indicate the product you bought. This is necessary for the mattress to be returned with the correct return label. When you get the label, you will have to include the mattress’s manufacturer’s name and model number. The mattress can then be delivered by the retailer or delivered by another retailer, provided that it was delivered within 30 days of buying.

If you have a gift card, you can use it to buy an identical mattress at the store. If you do this, be sure to return the receipt for your gift card.

For more information on return policies, including how to submit a mattress return, check out our Return Policy Page and the mattress retailer’s return policy (PDF, 15KB).

What Happens If You Do Not Return the Mattress

If you do not return the mattress within the 30-day period, you will lose your money and we will charge you a penalty of up to $500. In addition, we may cancel or limit your order, which could result in further delays in fulfilling your order. What Else You Can Do If You Want to Refund or Cancel the Order If you have questions, we encourage you to contact us or visit our Customer Service Page. You can also cancel your order by contacting the retailer.