I also involve our daughter more and more and encourage her creativity

I also involve our daughter more and more and encourage her creativity

A large part of the stands can be found against the backdrop of the Mariendom and Severikirche. After the attack with a truck on a Berlin Christmas market a year ago, security precautions were strengthened.

Among other things, concrete bollards weighing tons are supposed to protect the larger squares like Domplatz. Interior Minister Georg Maier (SPD) said on Tuesday that there are no concrete indications of security problems at Thuringian Christmas markets. But the threat situation in Germany from Islamist terrorism remains high. “Terrorism is looking for simple ways to have a big impact.” “The Erfurt Christmas Market is a tourist magnet, last year a good two million visitors were counted.

A high police presence should also deter potential assassins and other criminals, according to Maier. More uniformed police officers than in previous years are said to be patrolling or driving. In other Thuringian cities, the safety precautions at the Christmas markets have been strengthened. Around 250 stores will be opened nationwide these days.

Tim Mälzer should taste a particularly disgusting ingredient in “” Kitchen Impossible “”. But the TV chef couldn’t figure it out. And that although he had received a clear indication.

The Vox show was hot on Sunday evening. Chef Walter Triebl had prepared a dish for Tim Mälzer that consisted of sturgeon with carp milk, klachel soup and sausage. The Austrian explained: “” In the end, the carp milk is the male seeds or the spermatic cords in carp. “”

Himself is the man. Tim Mälzer has to catch the sturgeon first. (Source: TVNOW / EndemolShine)

Ignorance despite help

For Tim Mälzer, however, this ingredient became a challenge. A letter was enclosed with the court, but despite a clear indication (“” Dear Tim, as a cook you are like sperm … You only get a hit every few million times “”) the hamburger did not guess the carp milk.

First of all, in order to be able to cook the dish at all, the TV star had to catch the fish himself. When gutting the sturgeon, the fisherman also gave him help, asked if that was all he needed and pointed out where the animal’s testicles were. 

Tim Mälzer: The dramatic images of the accident on the setFire accident on TV show: Tim Mälzer suffered “” hellish pain “”

But Tim Mälzer was still on the line. Walter Triebl still tasted his cooked dish and he admitted: “” Without having eaten it beforehand, it is very, very difficult to recognize carp milk. “”

Sources used: “” Kitchen Impossible “” from March 3, 2019

In pouring rain, Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD) opened the Frankfurt Christmas market on Monday evening. “We Frankfurters do not allow ourselves to be intimidated by the rain or anyone else,” said Feldmann, referring to the bad weather and the risk of terrorist attacks. Despite everything, the Römerberg was well attended. The opening was musically accompanied by pop singer Michelle. The 200 or so stalls at the Christmas market are open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. until December 22nd. It starts an hour later on the Advent Sundays.

The Frankfurt Christmas Market has existed since 1393, making it older than the better-known Christmas Market in Nuremberg. In 2016 around 3.2 million visitors came to Frankfurt from all over the world. A landmark of the market is one of the largest Christmas trees in Germany. The 124-year-old red spruce on the Römerberg comes from the Sauerland and is 33 meters high, as the city of Frankfurt announced.

Because of the risk of terrorist attacks, the Christmas market will be protected with concrete barriers for the first time this year. Almost a year ago, an assassin drove a truck into the crowd at a Christmas market in Berlin.

In addition to quarantine shows, a new creative format with Annett Möller is now providing entertainment.argumentative essay about artificial intelligence The presenter speaks to t-online.de about her show, difficulties at work and nasty comments.

Due to the corona crisis, there are currently a lot of new TV formats in which celebrities sometimes provide entertainment from home. Annett Möller will also host a new show starting this week – albeit regardless of the global situation with regard to the coronavirus and the lung disease Covid-19 it causes. The 41-year-old’s show has been in the can for a long time.

On Sunday, March 29th at 5.45 pm, “” Mit Nagel und Köpfchen “” will start on Sat.1. In an interview with t-online.de, Annett Möller explains the concept of the show in advance, talks about style models and shares her thoughts on a new start, which in the end did not go as it should for her. In addition, the moderator goes into lousy comments on the Internet – and the unpleasant influence of such words.

This is how Annett Möller has changed
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t-online.de: What can the audience expect in the new show “” Mit Nagel und Köpfchen “”?

Annett Möller: A great show about DIY and do-it-yourself with lots of emotions. We have eight teams that compete against each other and have to implement the tasks creatively and skillfully at the workbench under great time pressure. Not only do the chips fly, but also sometimes the scraps and here and there tears also flow. What is particularly exciting is HOW the teams manage to create something out of nothing that they later have to sell to the jury as a success. Sometimes there were big surprises.

“” With nails and heads “” – the crew: presenter Annett Möller with the expert jury around Prof. Wolfgang Laubersheimer, Jelena Weber and Steven Schneider. (Source: SAT.1 / Claudius Pflug)

They also have a blog that is about DIY, among other things. How did you come to make things yourself, to do handicrafts, to do handicrafts? What does that mean to you?

I’ve always enjoyed doing that and I’ve always been creative. As a young girl, I already sat at the sewing machine or helped my mother with the renovation. That, of course, had an impact. Renovating and building, decorating or even tinkering things myself is also a kind of relaxation for me. I also involve our daughter more and more and encourage her creativity.

Annett Möller was born in Schwerin in 1978. For several years she worked as a news anchor for n-tv and RTL. In 2018 she switched to Sat.1. Möller has a daughter born in 2017: Livia. She is a moderator and, in addition to her own online shop and blog, also has a fashion label.

Which of your DIY projects are you most proud of?

Oh, there is a lot that I’ve already done. When I think of the fact that I sanded the wooden floor myself with a sanding machine in my first own apartment after tearing out the taped carpet from the previous tenant, then I still wonder how I managed it.

Just last summer I built a garden playhouse (together) for our daughter Livi and completely painted and decorated it. It’s fun to enjoy a nice result afterwards.

“”, ‘Instagram’); }) (); / ** /

To what extent do you consciously take time for DIY projects? How often do you come in anyway?

In the current compulsory Corona break, I try to do a lot myself, if only to entertain Livi and to spend the time with her meaningfully. These are more like “” handicrafts “” like creating a doll’s house from old cardboard boxes or from old materials. Something where she is also challenged and has fun. I’ll also post that on our blog to inspire other parents of young children.

You were at RTL for years, then you switched to Sat.1 for “” Endlich Feierabend “”. How was it for you when the show was canceled after just a year?

That was sad. We were a great team and the show fit my life and me perfectly. I would have preferred otherwise, but we fought for a long time. At some point it was unfortunately foreseeable. However, I’m not someone who sticks my head in the sand for a long time. Now I’m looking forward to “” With nails and heads “” and I think the viewers will like it too.

But how does it feel when you restart and then go more or less wrong?

I knew what I was getting myself into and that there was a risk. For me, switching from news to entertainment was still the right one and I don’t regret it. The decision didn’t come overnight and it “worked” for me for a long time. Entertainment is my heart’s desire.

I read that you trained as an actor. Could you imagine taking on a bigger role in a series or film? That would also be entertainment.

I could well imagine that, it would be fun. However, it becomes difficult to find the right “playing partner”. I’m six feet tall and most of the actors are a lot shorter.

Do you personally sometimes have difficulties combining your job and family life?

In any case, you need good organizational skills and, if possible, a family that participates. That always worked out very well for us. My mother has been with us a lot over the past few months and has taken on childcare when I was filming. My husband left his work late in the evening to be with Livi, and my in-laws were there too. Well, and then we also had a wonderful babysitter, who has now finished her studies and will unfortunately no longer be able to support us shortly. So it’s not always easy, but we are well organized.

“”, ‘Instagram’); }) (); / ** /

Who is your personal style role model? 

I think the style of Michelle Obama or Duchess Kate is great. Kate, for example, has often worn pieces by designer Alexander McQueen. In my news times, that was a good source of inspiration for me. I often got ideas for new models of my label for business clothes AMCO fashion from both of them. The online shop is still there and I can imagine developing new clothes again after the corona crisis. Since I’ve been a mother, however, my outfits have become much more relaxed. It would also look weird to crawl through the sand in a business dress on the playground. In the meantime, I am mostly inspired by Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram: you have over 110,000 followers. What would you like to use your reach even more for?

Right now in these times to encourage people. Getting the best out of the situation. Generally also to draw attention to environmental issues. To create more awareness. But I also had to learn to hold back. Because when I say, for example, that I support a project every month that plants trees to bind CO2, but on the other hand still fly somewhere on vacation, then there are bitter comments. It doesn’t matter then that I consciously fly much less, preferring to take the train whenever possible and try to offset my CO2 emissions at least a little. At least that’s a start. I find this black and white thinking a shame and it only makes it difficult to stand up for good. 

Is there anything that you are particularly committed to?

Since we started talking about the climate crisis, I have joined several organizations that work for our environment and, for example, support children in poor countries.

Annett Möller about Corona: ” I’m afraid of all of our future ” Celebrities and the Covid 19 crisis: All the news on the Annett Möller blog: This is what the presenter looked like 20 years ago

When our daughter is older and understands things, I am happy if she is maybe there too and gets involved.

“” With nails and heads – the big creative challenge “” runs weekly on Sat.1 from Sunday, March 29, 2020 at 5.45 pm.

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Hardly anyone would want to do without delicious, creamy-sweet cream – not even vegans. Fortunately, vegan cream is not a problem at all. You can find out which numerous vegan alternatives are available here.

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Vegan cream – delicious, healthy and ready to buy

Vegan cream is now available in numerous varieties in health food stores, vegan grocery stores and even in well-stocked supermarkets. Vegan cream is mostly made from soy, almonds, rice or oats. Almond and oat cream are particularly suitable for desserts.

Soy cream, like soy milk, has a very distinctive taste that not everyone likes and that is a little dominant. However, soy cream is extremely healthy. It contains significantly less fat than animal cream and is cholesterol-free.

Buy vegan cream by use

Unfortunately, vegan cream cannot be used as universally as conventional cream. Vegan cream suitable for cooking often cannot be whipped until stiff. However, whipped cream can easily be replaced with plant-based, rice-based spray cream.